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No. Lady Gaga was born a female with the real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and went to an all-girls private school.

Rumors that she is a hermaphrodite started after a video of a UK concert captured an up-skirt shot of her and revealed what looked like a bulge between her legs.

Gaga didn't help matters by making fun of these rumors, saying in a Jonathan Ross interview 'I do have a really big donkey dick,' and writing on her blog, 'I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself a female.'

However, during an interview with an Australian radio station she did her best to dispel the rumors. 'It's too low brow for me to even discuss, I've made fun of it before but to talk about it is ridiculous.' Her manager also told ABC news that the hermaphrodite rumors are "ridiculous" and untrue.

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